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Services offered to individual clients. All our services are tailored to your needs.
 Holistic Advice
Most of Abbot Associates Ltd clients are long standing and we have continued to provide all-round financial advice to their families over the years.  Many have substantial wealth and wish to see this grow in the most Tax efficient and cost effective way. They are concerned about  protecting  their families from the unexpected, whether that is financial or other risks. Abbot Associates Ltd provides advice which helps our clients to have an independent view and our experience over the years assists our clients to achieve their goals.


Investment Advice

  • We offer a wide range of investment advice on different types of investments. Property, Equity, Deposit, Gilts, Bonds, Commodities, and a range of other Collective Investment Schemes.

  • We offer advice on how to hold different investments directly or in a Wrap account or via a Pension or an ISA and advise on the pros and cons of each.

  • We advise on ways to reduce risk and potentially increase returns, also the potential to reduce tax liabilities. We help plan when and how you can receive the maximum income from your investments.


Pensions Advice

  • We provide advice on funding for Retirement and how to ensure you have sufficient income in Retirement.

  • We help you invest in the best combination of assets to give the best return, based on the risks you are prepared to take.

  • We help you select the most suitable way of taking your Retirement income to ensure you keep your Income Tax to a minimum and that your Pension fund can be passed on to your family should you die early.

  • Ongoing advice can ensure you make your Pension fund work efficiently for you throughout your Retirement years. 



Protection Advice​

We provide advice on how to protect against the uncertainties of life, such as a critical illness, premature death or the most likely event, illness.  Advising you on the best range of cover to protect your family on a reasonable budget.​

Mortgage Advice​

Abbot Associates Ltd has been offering independent Mortgage advice since its inception, helping first time buyers and those moving home or re-mortgaging. We have, for many years, advised on Buy to Let Mortgages, also providing advice on the pros and cons of this type of investment.


  • The value of property investments and income from them can go down as well as up and investors may not get back the amount originally invested.

  • As property is a specialist sector it can be volatile in adverse market conditions, there could be delays in realising the investment.

  • Property valuation is a matter of judgement by an independent valuer therefore it is generally a matter of opinion rather than fact.

  • ‘Equity investments do not afford the same capital security as a deposit account’.

  • Some Direct Property investments may be difficult to sell or realise the investment, or obtain information about its value, or the extent of the risks to which it is exposed.

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