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We Answer Your Questions



We can advise you on all aspects of Pension planning by answering your questions and formulating a strategy to achieve your pre or post Retirement goals.  

  • Pension legislation is complex as there have been an increasing number of changes over the last few years. Abbot Associates Ltd can advise you on how to understand and take advantage of all the benefits. We provide high quality advice on how to avoid the pit falls.  

  • Many clients in the past have accepted mediocre performance in their Pension funds, when good quality, timely advice, can substantially increase their value over the years. 

  • When you approach retirement, good planning could save thousands of pounds in Tax. You can then take advantage of all your tax allowances to provide a higher tax efficient income.  

  • Abbot Associates Ltd advisers have been assisting clients with pensions for over 30 years and we have a wealth of experience in this area of advice. 

  • Whether you are just starting out,  providing for retirement or about to take your pension income, Abbot Associates Ltd can provide you with the right professional advice. 


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